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COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak recommendations

Chile has reached Stage 4 of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, where there is viral circulation and community spread of the virus. Therefore, the Government has decided to close all land, sea and air borders to the transit of foreign people, starting Wednesday, March 18th, 2020.

We suggest not to travel abroad unless it is strictly necessary. Those who are outside the country and can return, should do so as soon as possible, given the uncertainty due to the closing of the borders.

Chileans who are currently abroad are asked, along with contacting the respective consulate, to keep informed of the health situation and the measures that the local authorities are taking due to Covid-19, since many of these measures limit the action of the consulates.

All Chilean nationals and permanent residents in Chile, who return to the country, whichever their country of origin is, may enter by submitting to the Sanitary Customs and a mandatory 14 days quarantine. This will not affect the entry and exit of cargo or transporters, to continue guaranteeing normal supplies.

Those who fail to comply with quarantine will be subject to fines and imprisonment penalties established in the Health Code and the Criminal Code. In this regard, article 318 of the Criminal Code states that "anyone who endangers public health by violating the rules of hygiene or sanitation, duly published by the authority, in times of disaster, epidemic or contagion, shall be punished by a minimum term of imprisonment or a fine of six to twenty monthly tax units".

If you are Chilean and you are in a country affected by the virus, we invite you to contact (via email or telephone) the Chilean consulate nearest to you, inform them of your presence in the area and your state of health. This, in order to determine the situation of the resident nationals.

Those who require consular assistance, in countries where the measures of the health authority prevents the opening of offices and businesses, should contact the emergency telephone numbers or emails of each consulate. Find them HERE.

In relation to the emergency, the consulates may:

  • Guide nationals stranded at airports due to flight cancellations and restrictions.
  • Provide consular assistance according to the priority of the cases.

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